My Markets

Here is the list of the farmers' markets that I am usually available at. If you have any questions about anything, of course, you are welcome to email me at
hdebernard at gmail dot com

Sunday: Stafford Hospital Farmers' Market, 8am-2pm
Tuesday: Tyson's Corner Kaiser Permanente, 12 noon-5pm
Wednesday: Arlington Farmers' Market at the Clarendon Metro Station, 3pm-7pm
Thursday: Old Town Manassas Farmers' Market (under pavillion), 7am-1pm
Friday: Fair Lakes Kaiser Permanente, 12 noon-6pm
Saturday: Culpeper Farmers' Market, 7:30am-12 noon

If you are wondering where these markets are, please visit C & T Produce's website!


  1. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I want to try the fried corn first, or maybe the lemon cake. Then the squash casserole. So many recipes so little time.

  2. If you are having a BBQ this weekend, I vote the lemon cake! You will impress everyone!